The AP Teacher Training Institute (APTTI) provides the teacher interested in the Advanced Placement® Program comprehensive preparation for developing and teaching an AP course. In addition to discussing questions about AP subject-area content, teachers will receive an overview of the Advanced Placement® Program.

Each workshop includes:

  • preparation of course syllabi and lesson plans;
  • examples of classroom materials applicable to the particular AP® subject area;
  • practical information about program implementation (student selection, budget, and helping students succeed on the AP® Examination);
  • preparation for the new College Board Audit, required for every AP teacher.

Who Should Attend

The AP Teacher Training Institute is designed for:

  • teachers who want to learn to teach AP courses in one of the content areas;
  • current AP® teachers;
  • teachers of gifted and talented students, and gifted program coordinators;
  • teachers and administrators wishing to learn how to establish Advanced Placement® Programs at their local schools or school districts;
  • teachers and administrators who wish to strengthen the core curriculum.

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