The Advanced Placement® Program is a cooperative educational endeavor between secondary schools and colleges/universities to provide college-level learning experiences to students who have not yet graduated from high school. Almost all colleges and universities consider AP exam results for both admissions and college credit.

AP® introduces high school students to academically challenging material, and then gives them an opportunity to show what they have learned by taking AP® exams, considered the national standard in each content area. Recent research has shown that success on these exams, demonstrated by a score of 3, 4, or 5, is a strong predictor of higher college grade-point averages as well overall success in college. And participation in AP® classes, even without that level of attainment on the exams, was correlated with outstanding results on the Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS).

Advanced Placement®: Report to the Nation (7MB)
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College Board Requirements Have Changed

Any school wishing to use the AP® designation for transcripts, course listings, or other publications must complete a new College Board Audit for each AP® course. Our AP® Teacher Training Institute (APTTI) will prepare every participant to successfully complete the course audit.