July 7-26, 2019

Students in grades 9-11 (current academic year) may apply for the Summer Art Residency (SAR), an immersive 3–week residency at The University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center. Learn from world-class faculty on one of the premier arts campuses in the US. Participate in classes, workshops, evening tours, lectures, and events that will stretch you as an artist. The residency concludes with an art and reading show and a portfolio review. Priority will be given to students who have participated in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Student's hands during printmaking process


The Summer Art Residency (SAR) is a unique opportunity to work with world-class faculty in a world-class faculty in a world-class facility. SAR consists of lectures, open class discussions, workshops, and studio time involving a range of expressive opportunities. Each day includes a drawing class addressing the formal and conceptual bases of drawing and contemporary approaches to effective visual communication. You will also choose from one of the following electives: books & paper, graphic design, printmaking, or 3-dimensional art. Introduction to history, aesthetics, and practice of the fine arts includes demonstrations, workshops, critiques, and a final portfolio.


The School of Art and Art History, under the Direction of Steve McGuire, is partnering with the Belin-Blank Center to provide an exciting program designed for talented high school artists from across the country. Instructors include University of Iowa faculty, graduates, and graduate students from the School of Art & Art History, and special visiting artists.

Jamie Boling photo

Jamie Boling

I make work that captures and catalogues both penetrating and fugitive moments of my cultural experience. I am guided by the belief that the sensational can sometimes provide profound insights into human nature that lie beyond surface provocation. Mine is an American daydream that embraces humor and often reveals dystopian visions of a media-saturated culture.

Mary Claire Becker photo

Mary Claire Becker

Mary Claire's work merges decorative ornamentation with the complexity of scientific illustration, blurring lines between abstraction and representation to communicate both immaterial and material truths. She sees each impression as a building block for larger compositional structures, and uses printmaking as an element in relief sculptures, artist books, and stop-motion animations.

Dayon Royster photo

Dayon Royster

Dayon hails from Richmond, VA and is an MFA student at The University of Iowa. In addition to several exhibitions, publications, and awards for his art, Dayon has taught classes for students ranging from kindergarten to university students.

Cameron York photo

Cameron York

I am a maker, an investigator, a doodler, a printmaker and a sculptor. My work is a personal attempt to understand the real world. I create bits and pieces of candy coated worlds that have dark rippling undertones, hinting at the cross between danger and play. My childlike hand is what carries me through the various topics and mediums I feel compelled to address.