Evaluation Guide to the State of Iowa Teaching StandardsThe University of Iowa College of EducationCedar Rapids Community SchoolsCedar rapids Education Association
for Elementary School Counselors
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Standard 7

Engages in professional growth.

Criteria: The Teacher

Elementary Counseling Services

a. Demonstrates habits and skills of continuous inquiry and learning.

  • Takes classes, attends workshops
  • Attends or presents at professional conferences
  • Joins professional or community organizations
  • Reads professional journals
  • Takes part in counselor meeting professional growth opportunities


b. Works collaboratively to improve professional practice and student learning.

  • Facilitates and participates in team meetings
  • Networks with other professionals
  • Team-teaches with special education teachers
  • Participates in school/community committees
  • Mentors college interns and practicum students


c. Applies research, knowledge, and skills from professional development opportunities to improve practice.

         Creates innovative lesson plans

         Presents and shares knowledge with groups

         Implements research-based strategies

         Participates on action research teams

         Makes effective presentations to students and staff


d. Establishes and implements professional development plans based upon the teacher needs aligned to the Iowa Teaching Standards and district/building student achievement goals.

         Follows district guidelines/curricula

         Collects feedback on professional performance from customers

         Identifies professional development goals

         Uses Iowa Teaching Standards to identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement



e. Provides an analysis of student learning and growth based on teacher created tests and authentic measures as well as any standardized and district-wide tests.

   Shares and interprets performance/progress information with parents, students, and teachers as necessary

   Initiates, coordinates, and facilitates testing (ITBS, CoGAT, Academic/Psychological testing)

   Counsels students regarding classroom behaviors, work completion, academic areas and personal concerns

   Participates in the development and implementations of accommodations, 504 Plans, PACT, Special Services staffings and referrals, retention, attendance and acceleration