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Standard 6

Demonstrates competence in classroom management.

Criteria: The Teacher

School Nurse Behavior

Documentation Data*

a. Creates a learning community that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement, and self-regulation for every student.

  • Clinic procedures
  • Boys Town/Tribes or Lifeskills
  • Self-monitoring of students who regularly come to the clinic
  • Small-group work
  • Photo of clinic set up/arrangement
  • Student self-eval

b. Establishes, communicates, models, and maintains standards of responsible student behavior.

  • Boys Town
  • Tribes/ITI
  • Notes home
  • Phone calls
  • Reviews procedures
  • Posted Lifeskills
  • Posted procedures

c. Develops and implements classroom procedures and routines that support high expectations for learning.

  • Rules posted in clinic
  • Organization of Rx dispensing
  • Log
  • Photos

d. Uses instructional time effectively to maximize student achievement.

  • Something to do if waiting
  • Quick transitions
  • Students not lingering in clinic
  • Copies of work/items to do
  • Student planner time log
  • Books/paper available

e. Creates a safe and purposeful learning environment.

  • Clinic is warm and welcoming
  • Student's needs are met
  • Identifies health and safety concerns in the school community
  • Promotes a safe and nurturing school environment
  • Photos
  • Student/parent/teacher response forms
  • Documentation of concern

* It is understood that the documentation data may need to be altered to protect individual privacy and security of students and families. This should be done with the greatest of care. NO documentation should be used that is in question of student confidentiality.