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for Physical Education Teachers
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Standard 4

Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meet the multiple learning needs of students.

Criteria: The Teacher

Teacher Behavior

Optional Documentation

a. Aligns classroom instruction with local standards and district curriculum.

  • Aware and knowledgeable about the standards and the Physical Essentials curriculum
  • Lesson plans
  • Units
  • Photo diary documentation

b. Uses research-based instructional strategies that address the full range of cognitive levels.

  • Demonstrates the skill
  • Uses partners and team teaching
  • Reads journals and keeps up on current research
  • Lesson plans
  • Journal articles
  • Video tapes
  • Self-assessments
  • Workshop implementation

c. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in adjusting instruction to meet student needs.

  • Using fitness tests including all
  • Taking into account special needs GWAEA adapted PE implementation
  • Fair doesn't mean the same
  • Test results and lesson plan accommodations to them
  • IEP accommodation page

d. Engages students in varied experiences that meet diverse needs and promote social, emotional, and academic growth.

  • Talks with other teachers
  • Team plans
  • Uses motivational language
  • Notes from meeting
  • Lesson plans including social skills/cooperative learning units

e. Connects students' prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests in the instructional process.

  • Knows what goes on outside the gym
  • Surveys
  • Lesson plans with choice
  • Student generated intramurals

f. Uses available resources, including technologies, in the delivery of instruction.

  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Heart monitors
  • Pedometers
  • GWEAE resources
  • Guest speakers
  • Digital/video of student growth