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for Physical Education Teachers
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Standard 5

Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning.

Criteria: The Teacher

Teacher Behavior

Optional Documentation

a. Aligns classroom assessment with instruction.

  • Consistently reviewing, reflecting and adapting
  • Understands curricular goals
  • Student assessment check sheets
  • Rubrics
  • Student portfolio Lesson plans

b. Communicates assessment criteria and standards to. all students and parents.

  • Open door policy to gym, as well as an active participant in the school.
  • Report cards
  • Team meeting notes
  • PTA meeting demo- agenda
  • Newsletter PE night invitation

c. Understands and uses the results of multiple assessments to guide planning and instruction. DRPs and test scores.

  • Consistently reviewing, reflecting and adapting.
  • Photo or video of student performance
  • Fist to Five
  • Lesson plans reflecting assessment
  • Student portfolio

d. Guides students in goal setting and assessing their own learning.

  • Instilling intrinsic motivation in students
  • Goal charts
  • Goal sheets written by students
  • Achievement data

e. Provides substantive, timely, and constructive feedback to students and parents.

  • Visibility and communication
  • Conferences
  • Parent feedback survey
  • Partner check/pair share
  • Newsletters
  • Notes home

f. Works with other staff and building and district leadership in analysis of student progress.

  • All of the above
  • Copies of note to teacher E-mails
  • Conference partner with classroom teacher