December News:

Thank you:  To all who sent money for our Angel Tree gift.  The kids were very proud of all their purchases and did such a nice job of wrapping that I threatened to take them home to finish my own.  I hope they felt a sense of caring while doing this project.  Speak Up completed its last session last Friday and I especially want to thank the parent volunteers who made it possible.  I know your time is precious, but the ramifications of this program will be felt by students in years to come!


Math:  We have begun to really focus on multiplication and division strategies.  It is amazing how students can solve problems in ways I would have never thought ofÉkeep in mind as long as they understand and can talk about their thinking, that is the goal.  Math folders have been assigned for homework about twice a week. 


Social Studies:  We have been studying explorers to the New World.  As your child about the Northwest Passage (the route Columbus was looking for to Asia) and Conquistadors (Spanish explorers), they will be impressed you are speaking their vocabulary.  We will test either Thursday or Friday over the most recent information.


Science:  Groups have figured out ingenious ways to crush cans using their imagination and simple machines they have created.


Language Arts:  Students are finishing up their chapter book and creating a Power Point presentation on their book to share with the class.  They have also been doing creative writing. I think we have a few authors-to-be in this class!  It is really fun to see what they come up with when they are allowed to write for their own purpose!


As we end this part of the year I want to let you know how much I enjoy working with your children on a daily basis.  They are respectful, kind and usually hard workingJ I hope you enjoy your time with them over the break.


May you have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful start to the New Year.