IREN Technology Grant

The integration of technology is a building and district goal. I was the contact person and the lead writer for this technology grant.

Iowa Research and Education Network (IREN)

IREN Technology Grants--Application

Name: Ima Teacher

Organization: Sample Elementary

Street Address or P.O. Box: 603 Sample Street

City, State, and Zip Code: Sample, Iowa

Phone number: 555-555-5555

E-mail address (if applicable): isample@school

What is your organization's total annual budget? $50,000.00

Amount needed (up to $1,500): $1,500.00

What will these funds be used for? How will the purchase of this technology benefit your organization, and who (among those you serve) will benefit from the use of this technology? How do you plan to provide technical and financial support for this technology once it is in place?

Sample Elementary would like to purchase and implement a digital video camera and editing software. Our building’s focus is brain compatible learning. We understand students learn better when they are given real-life, challenging projects. Technology enhances student’s motivation to learn and create. Through the use of a digital camera, students and teachers can present information, share learning and learn real-life skills. Parents would be able to see their child’s progress through video portfolios at all grade levels.

The use of the video production equipment and the accompanying software will allow for new avenues of sharing student work within the school, with their families, with the community and beyond by using the internet to transport this work. This student-centered activity will increase motivation for students to participate in reading and writing. As participation rises, academic performance will also accelerate.

Sample Elementary is trying to integrate these pieces with an emphasis on sharing literature through the reading, writing, speaking and listening competencies.

This project will provide opportunities for those students who are reading below the expected level to enhance and improve their reading abilities while being fully engaged with technology. The project will also provide opportunities for students who do not have access to technology, not only improve to their reading skills, but also learn how to use and apply technology to their learning. Technology will provide an initial motivation for students to read more often and outside the curriculum. Technology will also connect the students with outside resources that will stimulate their learning in new and exciting ways.

Sample Activities

Beginning of the Year:

Create commercials for the use of the “Life-Long” guidelines and Life skills

Lunchroom procedure video

Clips for web page use

New family video to be checked out showing procedures and expectations


PTA programs

Field trip video stories

Book talks

Commercials for books

Mock author interviews

Autobiographical videos

Community virtual tours

School announcements via a visual instead of audio

Insert video into Power Point Presentations

End of the year:

Grade level, student-created video to give to the upcoming students

Individual video portfolios to take home

School Web Page video clips

Video Yearbook- created by Fifth graders


Initially ten staff members will be taught and became proficient in the use of the video equipment and software. The instruction mentioned above would be done after school hours and would require monetary reimbursement. Building funds would be used to pay their stipends. These teachers in turn could teach the remainder of the staff through in-service training. Our staff would be willing to share our experiences and expertise with other schools in our district and outside the district.




Digital video camera


Star7 software


External hard-drive