American Pride Assignments

Project: AmericaPride

Assignment: Choose a person, place or incident in history with a significant impact on our nations freedom and democracy. Research, take notes and create an interesting visual project board to display for the entire learning community of Hiawatha School. Final projects must be factual, creative and neatly done on display board that stands alone. You must be able to intelligently talk about your topic during our final "America Pride Gallery Walk".

Possible Topics: Number your top five choices starting with 1 being your first choice. In order to have an interesting group display, only one topic will be allowed per classroom.

___Nathan Hale
___George Washington
___Abraham Lincoln
___John F. Kennedy
___Martin Luther King Jr.
___Benjamin Franklin
___John Hancock
___Rosa Parks
___The Statue of Liberty
___Paul Revere
___Francis Scott Key - "The National Anthem"
___Clara Barton
___General U.S. Grant
___Thomas Paine
___Franklin Delano Roosevelt
___Betsy Ross
___Specific National Symbols - i.e. bird, flag, song
___Neil Armstrong
___The Civil War
___Boston Tea Party
___Independence Day
___Declaration of Independence
___Thomas Jefferson
___"The Shot Heard Around the World" - the Revolutionary War
___Patrick Henry
___Ellis Island
___General Colin Powell
___Frederick Douglas
___Captain Cook-the leader of the Mayflower
___Harriet Tubman
___General Dwight D. Eisenhower (WWII)
___President Truman (WWII)
___President Wilson (WWI)
___President Lyndon Johnson (Vietnam)
___Major General John J. Pershing
___John Adams
___William Bradford - first gov. of Jamestown

Statue of LibertyDates:

Choices to teacher by ____________

Project due on Monday, October 22

AmericaPride Gallery Walk on Wednesday, October 24 - parents welcome!

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