Inquiries: Early Flight


My teammates and I created these sets of projects for students.  Students learned the use of time management and self monitoring in order to fulfill the requirements.


Early Flight Inquiries


You will have one full week for these.  Please plan your time wisely.


Language Arts-

  1. Write a four-stanza poem about balloons, planes, bird flight or a moment in early flight.
  2. Write a biographical sketch about one of the following: The Wright Brothers, Leonardo DaVinci, John Glenn or another person involved in flight at the early stages.
  3. Write a newspaper account of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first flight
  4. Research early airplanes- write a description about at least five different planes, only one can have a jet engine, include an illustration of each.
  5. Research hot air balloons include different models, weights and height restrictions as well as describe how they work.  (250 word minimum)


Math and Science

  1. Pick 10 cities in the US; create a chart with the mileage by car and the mileage by plane if you were traveling from Cedar Rapids.  You must also include estimated times for each.
  2. Draw a diagram of a bird or plane, using arrows and definitions, explain lift and thrust.
  3.  Make a time-line of mans early attempts at flight



  1. Draw a detailed diagram of a bird showing close-up of its wing.
  2. Create a well-constructed paper airplane-mount it on cardboard and label its parts.
  3. Create a diorama of Orville and Wilbur’s experience at Kitty Hawk.
  4. Pretend you are living during the time of the first plane flights.  Create a poster enticing very frightened people to try it.  Give correct dates and be specific with encouraging details.
  5. Draw a “photo-like picture” of the first hot-air balloon flight.  This means you must be accurate as to who, what when and where.
  6. Find Da Vinci’s sketches of early flight vehicles- reproduce one and write a caption explaining its significance today.



  1. Using Inspiration, create a web about planes, birds, or hot air balloons.
  2. Use the web created to write a five-paragraph report (minimum) about the topic you chose.  This must neatly word processed with at least one picture inserted.
  3. Create a power point presentation about a topic of your choice.
  4. Prepare a video commercial on the history of flight.



I know that I have one week to complete this set of Inquiries.  I will have 45 minutes a day in class and this will be my homework for the week.  All Inquiries will be due on __________________.  In order to achieve my own personal best, I will contract to do _______ (number) Inquiries.  If I get done sooner I will change my goal higher, but I will not lower my standards.


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