Inquiries: Space Flight


My teammates and I created these sets of projects for students.  Students learned the use of time management and self monitoring in order to fulfill the requirements.


Space Flight Inquiries

This is a three-week unit of study.  Use the attached calendar, and what you learned about time management in last week to plan your time wisely.   


Language Arts

  1. Research the cold war.  Prepare a debate and present it to the class.
  2. Write a 4 stanza poem about a specific moment in space flight
  3. Write a biographical sketch about a NASA astronaut
  4. Write a newspaper article about one of the following events:  Apollo 11, Apollo 1 disaster, The Challenger disaster, Apollo 13, SputnikÕs launch.
  5. Research animalÕs role in space flight.   Create a picture book telling all about it.
  6. Create a glossary of twenty words having to do with space flight.  Put it in booklet format and include at least ten illustrations.
  7. Interview someone who remembers the Apollo missions.  Write your interview questions and responses neatly.
  8. Find and read an article from a magazine or newspaper about a current NASA flight.  Cut it out and write a brief summary underneath.
  9. Write an original skit about space travel, inventions of the first rockets, shuttles etc.
  10. Write a persuasive letter stating why we the space program should be federally funded.


Math and Science

  1. Write five math story problems about space travel.  They must include accurate information and you need to provide a key.
  2. Create a scientific experiment with two different variables.  Record your findings and display the results on large paper for the class to see.
  3. Design a chart showing the atmospheric height differences of the space shuttle compared rockets compared to planes compared to hot air balloons.
  4. Create a survey asking 25 adults about the money spent on space travel.  Do they think the expense is worth it?  Neatly graph the results.
  5. After doing a classroom experiment (one we do together as an assignment), put your results in neat, logical and presentable order.
  6. Design a space menu suitable for three days in space.
  7. Create a solar system model. Use yarn to show places of travel by rocket, satellites and shuttles. Label each with date and specific name of mission



  1. Use Inspiration to create a web about the space shuttle
  2. Utilize the web created on Inspiration to type a detailed report.
  3. Create a power point presentation about a topic of interest.
  4. E-mail a message to your Rockwell pen pal explaining what you are studying.  Ask them what they know about the space race.  Print off both your letter and their reply
  5. Make a word Search or a crossword puzzle on the computer using at least 20 facts from space flight
  6. Create a Dateline video interviewing either Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, John F. Kennedy or another astronaut of your choice.  This is a least a two-person inquiry so you will all receive credit.
  7. Make a poster telling why we should explore space.  Use a nice font, good facts, and a boarder.
  8. Using the NASA website take an on-line history quiz, print off your results.
  9. Go to a John F. Kennedy book-marked website, print off important information about his role in the space race by highlighting, cutting and pasting into Word.
  10. Using the NASA web site create baseball style trading cards of at least ten astronauts.  The front must have a picture and the must have vital information about their career.



  1. Draw the NASA symbol and write a caption explaining its parts
  2. Pick a space mission and draw its specific patch, explain its meaning
  3. Draw a diagram of the Space Shuttle labeling its parts.
  4. Make a diorama of manÕs landing on the moon.
  5. Make a poster about careers in space flight.
  6. Create a cut out collage of Sputnik, JFK, or NASA (or all three if you are creative)
  7. Make a bumper sticker promoting space flight.
  8. Draw a model of different space inventions.
  9. Display an item made for space, but used today.  Include a caption explaining why it was created.
  10. Make a poster using some quotes from John F Kennedy to instill pride in Americans about our space program.



I understand I will have three weeks to complete these Inquiries.  I also understand that I must complete at least one inquiry from each category before repeating categories.  In order for me to achieve my personal best, I will contract to do______ inquiries by ___________the due date.  If I am done sooner than the due date, I will exceed my contracted number.


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