Student Report

Student:Ima Student Year: 200x-200x Teacher: Mrs. Sample


TRIMESTER 1: Ima works hard in class, but often needs encouragement to do so on a regular basis. He has made good progress in reading and writing activities. Ima tries to follow classroom rules. Although some assignments are difficult for him, he tries to complete work independently and takes responsibility for his own learning. He is eager to participate in all class assignments and projects.

We have covered two integrated units during this trimester. In the unit entitled "Caravans", Ima worked in a small group on geography concepts. We extended the geography study into a brief examination of the Middle East before initiating an "American Freedom" project. Each student chose a person, place or event which has helped shaped American freedom, researched the topic, and created a display board as the final project. Ima’s display on the Civil War was done at his Personal Best level.

We also spent a month writing Autobiographies, which Ima completed in a timely manner. In science, Ima worked with a small group to explore Solar Energy.

In daily work, Ima has performed consistently on weekly spelling tests, with an average posttest score of 80%. He has successfully completed six novel excerpts in the district reading series, with an average end-of-story quiz score of 80%. Ima has completed the first Investigation in the new math program, called "Mathematical Thinking," and we have begun work on the second unit, which focuses on measurement concepts in both U.S. standard and metric systems.

GOAL: A goal I have for Ima is to encourage him to use the lifeskills of No-put Downs. He has much leadership potential and I want to see him strive to use it in a productive manner.

TRIMESTER 2: Ima continues to be a conscientious student during silent work time, but is having difficulties when working with other students. He is motivated to do his personal best in all subject areas, and this is a wonderful attribute to have, which is why I am so concerned about his behavior towards others. He has turned in most homework assignments this trimester. He continues to work well independently.

In our unit called "Healthy Choices," taught by Mrs. K, Ima contracted to complete 4inquiry projects beyond the six required projects, and he successfully completed his contract. This shows what an awesome work ethic he has when he wants to accomplish a task. Students also worked in groups of five with me, researching a specific aspect of substance abuse and reporting that information to the rest of the class. Ima was an effective and productive team member.

Reading instruction in fifth grade makes a major shift from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." A lot of independent reading takes place, both for enjoyment and for learning in the content areas of science and social studies. Ima needs to work on selecting appropriate literature and completing the book on his own. In spelling, Ima has maintained an average score of 81%

Ima worked on the math unit, "Building On Numbers You Know" with Mrs. Z. Worked on understanding and using effective strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. We are currently studying geometry concepts in math.