America Reads Day Planning


I worked on the America Reads Day planning committee. This is the job sheet I typed and sent out to others on the committee.


Notes from September 14th Meeting


  • Classrooms organize guest reader if they want one-there will be sign up sheets in the office so groups are not contacted twice.  There will be a welcoming table out front for guests to check in.  Nancy B’s class will be escorts- Ima Colleague


  • Stop and read moments throughout the day—Don’t be caught without a book.  These will run from 9:15-11:00 and 1:30 –3:05. – Ima Colleague


  • Write a class book—school-wide theme—each different chapter-Ima Teacher
    • This will start in the fifth grade on October 3 and 4
    • Kindergarten- October 5th
    • Third grade- October 8th
    • Fourth- October 9th and 10th
    • Second- October 11th and 12th

Ima Teacher’s class will be in charge of publishing.  This book will then be passed around on America Reads day so everyone can see how the story ends….A Mystery is the intended theme


  • Popcorn at 3:00 with teacher read aloud time—great time for picture books even for older students- Ima Teacher


  • ABC cookies at lunch or literature theme-  Ima Colleague


  • Mr. facilitator or Mrs. Principal and other mystery readers, will read an excerpt from their favorite book over intercom at morning and afternoon announcement time. We are thinking of doing this all week long.  Students will write down their guesses of who the reader is in order to win a book from the office.  Kris is ordering books.  Tammy is organizing readers and her class will take care of winning drawings.




  • Make bookmarks with buddies
  • Or make book character t-shirts in classroom—content dependent on grade level:  i.e.: main character, all the way to details of setting, genre, plot etc.
  • Hats to advertise favorite book