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for General Education Teachers
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Standard 3
Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction.
Criteria: The Teacher Teacher Behavior Optional Documentation
a. Utilizes student achievement data, local standards, and the district curriculum in planning for instruction.
  • Review test data
  • Ability grouping
  • Knowledge of standards
  • Copies of assessments
  • Lesson plans that fit standards
  • Print out standards
  • Copies of ITBS results
  • Copies of DRP's
  • Showing class average over time
  • Graphs
b. Sets and communicates high expectations for social, behavioral, and academic success of all students.
  • Teach and model life skills
  • Reinforce school rules
  • Set, post, and review academic expectations
  • Handbooks, hand-outs
  • Lesson plans, copy of expectations
  • Photos of students
  • Student responses to classroom climate
c. Uses students' developmental needs, background, and interests in planning for instruction.
  • Accommodations made in curriculum, learning styles, etc.
  • Spend individual time with students
  • IEP binders
  • Kid Day / Child Study
  • Student surveys
  • Lesson plans
  • Student examples of reports
d. Selects strategies to engage all students in learning.
  • Variety of teaching techniques: cooperative learning, projects, presentations, etc.
  • Teach to multiple intelligences
  • Copies of lesson plans
  • Copies of activities in progress
  • Inquiries
  • Student evaluation of project
  • Pictures
e. Uses available resources, including technologies, in the development and sequencing of instruction.
  • Computer lab use, IMC, AEA
  • Opaque projector
  • Appropriate video
  • Community speakers
  • Copies of lesson plans
  • Bibliography of resources
  • Photos
  • Field trip plans