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Dr. David F. Lohman
of Iowa

Charter Member

David Lohman, University of Iowa, member of the Iowa Academy of EducationDr. David F. Lohman is Professor of Educational Psychology at The University of Iowa. He received his doctorate in educational psychology from Stanford University in 1979. He has been on the faculty of The University of Iowa since 1981. From 1992 to 1997, he served as chair of the division of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations in the College of Education. Dr. Lohman has taught at several other universities, including the University of British Columbia, the University of Yucatan, and Leiden University. Prior to his career in academia he worked as a chemist and as a teacher at the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind.

Dr. Lohman's academic interests have varied over the years. Early research applied theories and methods of cognitive psychology to ability and achievement constructs, particularly the ability to use visual-spatial mental models in problem solving. Later research focused on the more general construct of academic intelligence - particularly its measurement and the use of ability profiles in adapting instruction to the needs of learners. He is co-author of The Cognitive Abilities Test and has published numerous articles in journals and chapters in books.

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