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Urban Award Winners

Year Recipient Title
2013 No award given  
2012 Dr. Amy Hutchinson
Iowa State University
Teacher's perceptions of integrating information and communication technology into literacy instruction: A national survey in the United States
2011 No award given  
2010 Dr. William J. Therrien Effectiveness of a Test-Taking Strategy on Achievement in Essay Tests for Students with Learning Disabilities
William Therrien, 2010 Urban Award Winner
2009 No award given
2008 Dr. Andrew Ho
University of Iowa
Discrepancies between core trends from NAEP and state tests: A scale-invariant perspective
Andrew Ho - 2008 Urban Award Winner
2007 No award given
2006 No award given
2005 Dr. Johnmarshall Reeve
University of Iowa
2004 No award given  
2003 Dr. Brian M. Hand
Iowa State University
Influences of Writing Tasks on Students' Answers to Recall and Higher-Level Test Questions
2002 Dr. Cynthia Lewis
University of Iowa
Literacy Practices as Social Acts: Power, Status, and Cultural Norms in the Classroom
2001 Dr. Sarah Theule Lubienski
Iowa State University
Problem Solving as a Means toward Mathematics for All: An Exploratory Look through a Class Lens
2000 No award given  
1999 Dr. Rose Mary Zbiek
University of Iowa
Prospective Teachers' Use of Computing Tools to Develop and Validate Functions as Mathematical Models
1998 Dr. Kristie K. Waltman
Using Performance Standards to Link Statewide Achievement Results to NAEP
1997 Dr. Jackie M. Blount
Iowa State University
Manly Men and Womanly Women: Deviance, Gender Role Polarization, and the Shift in Women's School Employment, 1900-1976

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