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5th Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language: Transnational Communities in the Midwest
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The 5th Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language: Transnational Communities in the Midwest (5SSHL2018) host experts from the field of bilingual education and heritage language teaching for K-16 education. At this conference, teachers K-12 participate in workshops about best practices in teaching world languages, hear from prestigious keynote speakers about up-to-the minute theory and pedagogy in the field, and network and discuss with teachers from across Iowa and the Midwest.  This professional development program will provide teachers with new information, frameworks, and practices to improve their teaching and their students’ learning about other languages and cultures. 


Three prominent scholars who have contributed significantly to the study of heritage language maintenance have accepted my invitation to the 5SSHL2018. Each keynote speaker will be asked to address the broad range of heritage speaker bilingualism within different theoretical and practical standpoints, and to propose strategies that will foster equity and inclusion through language maintenance. There are five workshops and invited panel heads who will attract an audience both within and outside campus, and who are interested in the areas of Latino/as in the US and telecollaboration models. There will be presentations in the fields of education, linguistics and Latino/a culture by K-12 teachers, scholars and graduate students.

  • Teachers will learn about new approaches to and issues in world language teaching through participating in multiple workshops and listening to speakers at the Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language conference.

  • Teachers will develop and strengthen relationships with knowledgeable colleagues through collaborative sessions and conversation groups.

  • Teachers will synthesize information from a workshops, speakers, and conversations to adapt to changes in their own practice in the classroom.

  • Teachers will develop as reflective practitioners through connecting what they have learned at the conference with their own experiences.

Course Requirement

Course Requirements:

  • Participants must attend the entire Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language conference (5-9pm Thursday, April 5; 9am-5pm Friday, April 6 & 9am-5pm Saturday, April 7). Participants will be expected to attend a session during every session period, as well as all other large-group events such as the reception on Thursday, April 5 and all keynote speeches.

  • If a participant is a presenter at the 5SSHL2018 conference, they can skip one other session for preparation time.

  • Participants will be expected to check in at the beginning and end of each day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at the University of Iowa table in the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU).  There will be a sign-in sheet that they will be required to initial.


Survey: After the conference, participants will need to complete an online survey in order to report about their experiences at the conference.  This will take about one hour.  This survey will address their learning experiences at the conference, their plans for applying their new knowledge, and any other reflections.  They will be asked to report reflections on each session that they attended as well as the keynote speeches.  This will be due one week after the conference concludes.


Additional Information: Participants will be required to register either online prior to the conference, at the opening ceremony Thursday, April 5th between 4:30-5:00pm, in person at the registration desk.  Participants who complete all check-ins will then be e-mailed the link to the survey after the conference.

University of Iowa, Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa Licensure Renewal Credit

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