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Leadership in Gifted Education, ITAG
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Prerequisite(s):  Registration for the ITAG Conference

Registration deadline: October 22


Intended Audience:  Educators attending the Iowa Talented and Gifted (ITAG) Association conference in Des Moines; a pre-conference session about Academic Acceleration is available on October 14 but NOT required; the conference dates are October 14, 15, and 16; additional days are added to allow participants to submit an annotated list of sessions attended and a synthesis of the main theme(s).


Course Description:  This course has a professional leadership emphasis.  Experts in the field of gifted education, as well as experienced educators from across the state (and beyond), will present successful practices and significant issues and theories related to serving the varied needs of gifted and talented students.  Conference strands include cognitive and social/emotional needs of the gifted, creativity, ethnic, cultural, and gender issues, as well as curriculum and programming topics.



Course Objectives: 

  • Reflect on themes that emerge from the ITAG conference sessions, creating an annotated list of all sessions attended.
  • Reflect on the actions that you anticipate taking on behalf of your gifted/talented students in order to better support their needs.
Course Requirement
  • Register for the ILRU through edu/tlc/pd
  • Register for the Iowa Talented and Gifted Association Conference (October 14 – 16, Des Moines, IA)
  • Attend at least 90% of all ITAG Conference sessions (the MTSS for Advanced Learners pre-conference is NOT required but may substitute for conference sessions the participant will have to miss; a separate credit option (PSQF:5194:0WKC) is available to those who do attend the pre-conference about MTSS for Advanced Learners and complete all the requirements. Contact Dr. Laurie Croft ( for more information).
  • Review the national standards in gifted education (the teacher preparation standards and the Pre-K – Grade 12 Programming standards.) Reflect on the standards that were addressed through the conference program. 
  • Create an annotated list of all sessions attended, including
    • Date of presentation
    • Presenter(s)
    • Title
    • Two or three lines about the main point(s)
  • Create a synthesis of your conference experience. Connect your learning with at least one national standard in gifted education.
  • Write a brief evaluation (another higher-level thinking opportunity) of how your conference experience will impact you in your role as educator, counselor, administrator, even parent.
  • ALL requirements must be emailed to Dr. Laurie Croft ( by October 24, 2018.

No course materials are required.


ITAG Conference, Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa Licensure Renewal Credit

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