College of Education Faculty Research and Professional Travel Awards

College of Education Faculty Research Awards

  1. The College of Education Research Fund is open to full-time clinical, tenure-track, and tenured faculty.
  2. The College of Education Research Fund, supported jointly by Iowa Testing Programs and the Dean's Office, provides up to $1,000 per year to College of Education faculty to support research-related activities.
  3. Support from the College of Education Research Fund may be used to cover various costs incurred in doing research on the specified project, including such things as tests and research instruments; participant fees; photocopying and mailing of surveys; travel related to the grant; equipment used to carry out the grant-funded research; data collection, data entry, and data analysis expenses.
  4. No more than $1,000 will be awarded to a single faculty member in an academic year.


Due to COVID-19 many conferences were cancelled, and faculty were unable to take advantage of the College of Education Faculty Professional Travel Awards. For the 2019-20 year only, we are allowing applications for unused travel awards to be applied to the Faculty Research Awards. You may request unused professional travel funding up to $1,800 to be applied toward faculty research awards. The same application process should be followed as typical process for Faculty Research Award funding.

College of Education Faculty Professional Travel Awards


General travel information regarding campus coronavirus updates are available at specific questions regarding reimbursements can be directed to

Funding Applications for Future Conferences

We are suspending any new funding request for future travel. The Faculty Professional Travel Fund Application will not allow travel requests for future dates.

Reimbursements for Cancelled Conferences

If you have been awarded funding for a conference that has been cancelled, we will follow University Policy on reimbursements. Travelers should work with their providers (air, hotel, conference registration, etc.) to refund any purchases. Many airlines are waiving cancellation fees or are offering flexible arrangements for future travel. If you have tried to cancel or receive a credit for expenses, but the vendor has not been willing to waive the charges, please contact, and he will work with you to determine what can be reimbursed per UI policy.

Submitting Requests for Past Travel

We are waiving the two-week advance submission requirement and are allowing retroactive applications to help defray expenses for those who attended other eligible conferences this academic year, but planned to use their award for AERA, NCME, or another cancelled conference. Eligibility for funding for a retroactive conference includes:

  • The conference must have taken place between July 1, 2019 – March 10, 2020 (*per IRS regulations, any travel reimbursements over 120 days old may be taxable)
  • You must have the required receipts/proof of payment
  • The same application criteria will be used to determine whether you are eligible for the award
  • Applications must be submitted and approved through the application portal

The College of Education Faculty Professional Travel Fund Application has been adjusted to allow for retroactive travel requests from 7/1/209-3/10/2020.

Original Policy

It is important for UI College of Education faculty to attend national/international scholarly conferences to share their research, learn about others’ research, and engage in professional development and/or service activities that contribute to their field. It is also important that College of Education faculty are visible at these conferences in order to raise the profile of the College on the national/international scene. Following are the guidelines for faculty professional travel for 2019-2020:

  1. Each faculty member (pre-tenured; tenured; clinical assistant, associate and full) will have $1800 for travel to national or international academic conferences in which his or her name appears as participating in the program. Presenting a paper or a poster, serving as discussant or as a standing committee chair—all these roles are eligible as long as the faculty member’s name appears on the program of a national or international academic conference. Even if the faculty member is one of several authors of a paper, s/he is eligible for this award as long as his or her name appears on the program as a presenter. However, if the faculty member’s name appears only as a reviewer of proposals, this would not qualify for support.
  2. These funds are in addition to funding that the department makes available to faculty, should the department wish to do so, and/or funds available through other resources such as grants.
  3. In order to access these funds, faculty members will need to get prior approval from their DEO about the conference to ensure that it meets the standard of “national or international scholarly conference.” State or regional conferences would not meet this criterion; DEOs will make the judgment as to whether the conference meets this standard.
  4. Faculty should submit requests for funding to the DEOs at any time up until two weeks prior to the meeting with a digital or printed copy of the program in which the faculty member’s name appears. A letter or email confirming acceptance may be used to meet this requirement. Submission of receipts will follow standard UI procedures. Funds can be used for travel, lodging, registration for the conference, and food up to a total of $1800.
  5. If a faculty member is not 100% time in the College, then the travel award will correspond to the percentage of time appointment. For example, a faculty member who is 50% College of Education would receive 50% of travel award allotment.
  6. Please note that this is not a competitive process. All eligible faculty members who meet the criteria above will be supported in a fiscal year. The faculty travel award form needs to be completed by the faculty member and approved by the DEO and Dean. To access the form, log in with your HawkID and password.
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