Externally Funded Projects

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Principal Investigator(s)Grant TitleYearsFunding AgencyFunding AmountProject Overview
Bowman, Nicholas A Belonging Intervention to Improve STEM Outcomes for Underrepresented Students: A Randomized-Controlled Trial at 22 Colleges 2018-2020Indiana University$222,713
Didion Johnston, Lisa A Comparison of Audio Observation and In-Person Observation of Teacher Behavior 2020-2021IMRF$36,112
Bruhn, Allison A Comparison of Teacher Ratings and Direct Observation 2017-2018IMRF$31,431
Liu, William A Measure to Identify Growth from Discrimination in College Student Populations 2017-2018IMRF$29,952
Aloe, Ariel A Meta-analysis of Social and Behavioral Outcomes for ADHD in School Settings 2016-2018SUNY$232,058
Bowman, Nicholas A New Approach for Measuring Spirituality: The Development of an Authenticity Scale 2020-2021IMRF$36,112
Sanchez, Jennifer, Wadsworth, John, Ali, Saba Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Improving Access to Health Care in High Need and Underserved Rural Communities 2019-2022HRSA$1,341,925
Plakans, Lia, Johnson, David Advocacy, Capacity, and Collaboration for English Learners in Iowa (ACCEL) 2017-2021US Department of Education $2,225,359
Didion Johnston, Lisa An Extension of the Data Mountain Program to Improve Fluency for Elementary Students With or At-Risk for Reading Disabilities 2021-2022Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust$85,520
Vispoel, Walter Applications of Generalizability Theory for Objectively Scored Ordinal Measures 2017-2018IMRF$35,546
Bahr, Patricia Assistive Technology in Iowa's Specially Designed Instruction 2016/2017IA DoE$77,229
Ali, Saba, Foley Nicpon, Megan, Bermingham, Charles, Martinez, Denise Building a Mental Health Workforce to Serve Rural Iowa Youth 2021-2025HRSA$1,909,273
Barnhardt, Cassie Campus-based mobilization: Measuring characteristics, processes, and outcomes 2017-2018IMRF$20,821
Assouline, Susan Lynn, Ihrig, Lori Closing the Excellence Gap: Implementing the STEM Excellence and Leadership Program to Understand the Role of Local Agency in Broadening High-Potential, Rural Students' STEM Participation 2017-2021NSF$1,979,221
Aloe, Ariel Collaborative Research: Partial and Multilevel Effect Sizes in Meta-analysis 2015-2018NSF$96,663
Brennan, Robert College Board 2014-2019College Board$1,935,332
Barnhardt, Cassie Comparing Contemporary Campus Mobilization at Scale: Tactics,Intensity, and Media Attention 2020-2021UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement Fellowship$20,000
Kivlighan, Dennis Martin Construction and Validation of the Multicultural Group Environment Scale (MGES): An Exploratory factor Analysis 2017-2018APF$1,000
Kivlighan, Dennis Martin Construction and Validation of the Therapeutic Goal Orientation Scale (TOGS): An Exploratory Factor Analysis 2017-2018IMRF$29,952
Mintz, Catherine, Templin, Jonathan Doctoral Dissertation Research: Multidimensional Nominal Response Models in Adaptive Testing 2021-2022NSF$11,994
Liddell, Debora Editor, Journal of College Student Development 2015-2020ACPA$290,000
Bardhoshi, Gerta, Locke, Leslie Engaging At-Risk Latinx Students’ Sense of Belonging in Muscatine High School: A Group Counseling Intervention Informed by Photovoice 2018Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust$89,908
Bowman, Nicholas Examining and Tailoring Academic Policies to Enhance Undergraduate Student Success and Equity 2021-2023University of Iowa$113,768
Assouline, Susan Lynn Expansion of STEM Excellence and Literacy (SEAL) Program 2017-2019Jack Kent Cooke$200,000
EXTREEMS-QED: Large Data Analysis and Visualization at the University of Iowa 2014-2019NSF$579,451
Kivlighan, Dennis Martin, Sanchez, Jennifer, Ali, Saba Graduate Psychology Training in Telepsychology and OUD and SUD Prevention and Treatment in Rural Iowa 2019-2022HRSA$1,343,925
Hand, Brian Improving Early Childhood Language Development Through Science 2018-2021Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust$394,247
McDermott, Mark Improving Student Science Learning through the Argument-Based Strategies and STEM Infused Science Teaching (ASSIST) Teaching Approach 2015-2018Iowa Board of Regents - Title IIA, "Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Program"$472,271
Fulmer, Gavin Improving Two-Tier Item Measures of Scientific Reasoning for Secondary Students 2017-2018IMRF$31,431
Ali, Saba Integrating Behavioral Health into Rural Medicine 2017-2021HRSA$1,312,154
Bruhn, Allison, King, Seth, Santos, Ann, Datchuk, Shawn, O'Brien, Matthew, Schieltz, Kelly Interdisciplinary Training Project in Special Education and School Psychology (SP2) 2020-2025US Department of Education$986,920
Assouline, Susan Lynn Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium 2017-2018Academy of Applied Science$17,100
Segre, Alberto, Bowman, Nicholas IUSE:EHR Pair Programming as a Pedagogical Approach for Promoting Success and Equity in Computer Science Coursework 2016-2019NSF$137,893
Reed, Deborah LiNK Evaluation Study 2018-2021Literacy Network of Kansas (LiNK)$555,555
Wadsworth, John Long-term Training: The University of Iowa Rehabilitation Counseling Program (UIRCP) 2019-2024US Department of Education$933,636
Hand, Brian, Fulmer, Gavin Moving Beyond Pedagogy: Developing Teachers’ Adaptive Expertise in Using the Epistemic Complexity of Science 2018-2022NSF$2,884,239
Cwiertny, David NRT-INFEWS: Paths to sustainable food-energy-water systems in resource-limited communities 2017-2020NSF$188,152
Sanchez, Jennifer Patterns of Opioid Misuse Among Persons with Disabilities in the United States 2019Center for Large Data Research & Data Sharing in Rehabilitation $18,000
Reed, Deborah PIAAC Prison Data Analysis 2017-2018AERA$20,000
Johnson, Ebonee Project PEER (Prevent, Engage, Empower, Respond) 2020-2025SAMHSA$998,865
Bruhn, Allison, Hendrickson, Jo Project SCORE IT: Developing and Evaluating Interactive Technology to Support Self-Monitoring and Data-Based Decision-Making in the Classroom 2016-2019IES$1,178,530
Bowman, Nicholas Promoting the Representation and Success of Students from Minoritized Racial Groups at U.S. Law Schools 2020-2021AccessLex Institute / Association for Institutional Research$49,712
Bardhoshi, Gerta Psychometric Exploration and Synthesis of the School Counselor Self-Efficacy Scale 2018-2019IMRF$35,546
Bardhoshi, Gerta Psychometric Exploration and Synthesis of the Survey of Perceived Organizational Support (SPOS-8) 2020-2021IMRF$35,231
Hollingworth, Liz Shared Visions Preschool Program Evaluation 2021Iowa Department of Education$4,500
Ogren, Christine Summers Off: A History of American Teachers' Other Three Months 2017-2018Spencer Foundation$49,876
Langguth, Nancy Support of work within the Bureau of Leading, Teaching, Learning Services 2020Iowa Department of Education$31,217
Coghill-Behrends, William Supporting Excellence in STEM Teaching and Learning through Community of Practice 2021American Councils for International Education$5,000
Welch, Catherine Technical Support of Statewide Assessments Program 2017-2018Iowa Department of Education$393,112
Liddell, Debora The Emory Integrity Project: Integrating and Assessing an Integrity Initiative in University Education and Student Life 2016-2019Emory University$148,000
Hong, Dae The University of Iowa and Des Moines Area Community College: From Community College to University - Recruiting and Developing Culturally Responsive & Proficient Mathematics Teachers 2019-2024NSF$1,423,403
Wadsworth, John The University of Iowa Long-Term Training Program: Rehabilitation Counseling, Deadline Extension Application 2020-2025US Department of Education$779,968
Vispoel, Walter Understanding Latent State-Trait Theory and Generalizability Theory within a Common Conceptual Analytical Framework 2020-2021IMRF$36,112
Vispoel, Walter Understanding Latent State-Trait Theory and Generalizability Theory within a Common Conceptual Analytical Framework 2021-2022IMRF$37,176
Devane, Benjamin Understanding Physics through Design and Play: Integrating Skateboarding with STEM in an Integrated Digital and Physical Game-Based Children’s Museum Exhibit 2016-2019Iowa Children's Museum (ICM)$236,380
Wojciak, Armeda Urban and Rural Contexts of Iowa Home Visiting Programs – The use of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Services 2017-2018Injury Prevention Center$22,439
Aloe, Ariel, Reed, Deborah Validating a Measure of Educators Knowledge of Reading 2018-2019IMRF$23,359
Reed, Deborah, Aloe, Ariel Varied Practice Reading for Middle School Students With or At Risk for Reading Disabilities 2021-2025Institute of Education Sciences$1,999,912
Grooms, Ain What's Your Excuse?: Chronic Absenteeism in a Rural Majority-Minority High School 2017-2018Center for Educational Transformation$21,638