Uses of Corn (from Texas Farm Bureau site)

Dextrose (Food, Drug Uses)

Antibiotics Baby Foods Bakery products (biscuits, bread, crackers, fillings, icing, macaroons, pretzels, cookies, crackers, wafers, etc.) Berries, canned and frozen Beverages, brewed (beer, ale, etc.)
Beverages, carbonated Breakfast foods Caramel color Cheese foods and spreads Chewing gum
Chocolate products Citric acid Citrus juices Coloring, pure food mix Condensed milk
Confectionery Cordials, liqueurs and brandy Cream, frozen Dairy products Desserts
Dietetic preparations Distillation products Doughnuts (cake, yeast) Drugs (fermentation process) Eggs, frozen or dried
Fish, pickled Flavoring extracts Food acids (citric, etc.) Fruit juices Fruits and vegetables (canned)
Gelatin desserts Ice cream, water ices and sherbets Infant and invalid feeding Jams, jellies, marmalades and preserves Lactic Acid
Meat products (bacon, bologna, hams, sausage, frankfurters, mincemeat) Medicinal preparations & intravenous (injections, pills, tablets, drugs, etc.) Mixes, prepared (cake, icings and frostings, infant foods, pie fillings, toppings, etc.) Peanut butter Peas, canned
Pickles and pickle products Prepared mixes Powders (ice cream, prepared dessert, pudding, summer drinks, powders, etc.) Sauces (catsup, tomato, etc.) Seasoning mixes, dry
Sorbitol (in candies, toothpaste, etc.) Soups, dehydrated Spices and mustard preparations Syrups (table, fomtain, medicinal, etc.) Vinegar
Wine Xanthan Gums Yeast    

Dextrins (Industrial Uses)

Adhesives (glues, pastes, mucilages, gums) Bookbinding Briquettes Candles Ceramics
Cord polishing Core binder (castings, molds, etc.) Cork products Crayon and chalk (as a binder) Dyes (dry, cake, etc.)
Envelopes Fireworks Inks, printing Insecticides Insulation, fiberglass
Labels Leather Linoleum Magazines Matches (on head and side of box)
Oil-well drilling Ore-separation Paints (cold-water, poster, etc.) Paper and paper products Plastics (molding)
Plywood Sandpaper Shoes (counter pastes, polish, etc.) Silvering compounds Soaps
Straws (drinking) Textiles, sizing, finishing and printing Twine (cord, string, etc.) Wallboard and wallpaper Window shades and shade cloth

Cornstarch (Food, Drug and Cosmetic Uses)

Antibiotics Aspirin Baby Foods Bakery products (breads, rolls, cakes, pies, crackers and cookies) Baking powder
Beverages, brewed (beer, ale, etc.) Chewing gum Chocolate drink Confectionery Cosmetics
Desserts (puddings, custards, etc.) Drugs and pharmaceuticals Flours, prepared (including prepared mixes) Food and drug coatings Gravies and sauces
Meat products Mixes, prepared (pancake, waffle, cake, candy, etc.) Mustard, prepared Pie filling Precooked frozen meals
Salad dressing Soaps and cleaners Soups Sugar, powdered Vegetables, canned

Corn Oil, Refined (Food, Drug Uses)

Carriers for vitamins and other medicinal preparations in capsule form Cooking Oil Margarine Mayonnaise Potato chips
Salad dressing Sauces, seasonings Shortening Soups

Corn Syrup (Industrial Uses)

Adhesives (plasticizing agent) Chemicals Dyes and inks Explosives Leather tanning (chrome process)
Metal plating Paper, glassine and parchment Plasticizer Polish, shoe Rayon (Viscose process)
Textiles, for finishing Theatrical make-up Tobacco and tobacco products    

High Fructose Corn Syrup (Food Uses)

Bakery products Canned fruits Canned juices Condiments Confectionery products
Frozen desserts Jams, jellies and preserves Soft drinks Wine Yeast

Cornstarch (Industrial Uses)

Abrasive paper and cloth Adhesives (glues, mucilages, gums, etc.) Batteries, dry cell Binder or binding agents Board (corrugating, laminating, solid fiberboard, cardboard)
Boiler compounds Bookbinding Briquettes Ceramics (as clay binder) Chemicals
Cleaners, detergents Coatings on wood, metal and paper Color carrier (in paper and textile printing) Cord polishing, sizing Cork products
Crayon and chalk (as a binder) Dispersing and standardizing agent Dressing, surgical Dyes (as a bodying agent, carrier diluent, etc.) Fermentation processes
Fiberglass size Fireworks Insecticide powders Insulating material (glass, wool, rock wool, etc.) Lubricating agents
Oilcloth Oil-well drilling (drilling mud) Ore refining (electrolytic reduction process, flotation process, etc.) Paints (cleaning compounds, cold water and latex paints, poster, laquers, etc.) Paper and paper products manufacture
Photographic films (antihalation powder) Plastics (molded) Plywood (interior) Printing Protective colloids (emulsions)
Textiles (warp sizing and finishing) Tile, ceiling Tires, rubber Wallboard and wallpaper Water recovery, industrial

Corn Syrup (Food, Drug Uses) Liquid or Dried Form

Baby foods Bakery products (bread, rolls, biscuits, doughnuts, pies, cakes, cookies, pretzels, etc.) Beverages, brewed (beer, ale, etc.) Beverages, carbonated Breakfast foods
Catsup, chili sauce, tomato sauce Cereals, prepared Cheese spreads and foods Chewing gum Chocolate products
Coffee whiteners Condensed milk, sweetened Confectionery Cordials and liqueurs Desserts
Eggs, frozen or dried Extracts and flavors Frostings and icings Fruit butters and juices Fruit drinks
Fruits (canned, candied, fillings, frozen, etc.) Ice cream, water ices and sherbets Jams, jellies, marmalades and preserves Licorice Malted products
Marshmallows and related products Meat products (sausage, etc.) Medicinal preparations (drugs, pharmaceuticals) Mixes, prepared (cakes, infant foods, pie fillings, pudding powders, ice cream, etc.) Peanut butter
Pickles and pickle products Rice and coffee polish Salad dressing Sauces (seasoning, specialty, etc.) Seafood, frozen
Soups, dehydrated Syrups (table, chocolate, cocoa, fruit, medicinal, soda fountain, cordials, etc.) Toppings    

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Sources: National Corn Growers Association; United States Department of Agriculture