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Dr. Robert E. Yager
University of Iowa

Robert Yager, University of Iowa, member of the Iowa Academy of Education

Dr. Robert Yager is a Professor of Science Education at The University of Iowa. His graduate work in plant physiology was completed at The University of Iowa.

Dr. Yager developed one of the largest graduate programs in science education in the U.S.  He has directed numerous grants totaling over $15 million dollars. Dr. Yager has headed seven national organizations, including the National Association for Research in Science Teaching and the National Science Teachers Association. He has authored over 600 research reports, chapters, monographs, and books.

Dr. Yager's current research focuses on Science-Technology-Society (STS) which affected more recent STEM efforts. He was recently president of the National Association of Science-Technology-Society and is actively promoting research and staff development focusing on STS and STEM in Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Estonia, Turkey, and Germany. His current publications include a book, Science-Technology-Society: As Reform in Science Education, and a monograph series (now numbering 10). Dr. Yager has received numerous awards including the Jose Vasconcelos World Award and NSTA’s Robert H. Carleton Award for Distinguished Service.

Dr. Yager developed the Iowa Chautauqua Program, a staff development model for K-12 science teachers. The program received national recognition from the National Diffusion Network, National Staff Development Council, and the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. The program has been transported to over a dozen other states and nations.

Yager continues to edit Exemplary Science Programs (ESP) for the National Science Teachers Association.  The most recent ones are entitled “Exemplary Science for Building Interest in STEM Careers” and “Exemplary STEM Programs: Designs for Success”. The ESP volumes provide Special Conference sessions at the three regional conferences each fall and the national conference each spring.  NSTA efforts are underway to produce ESP counterparts in Israel, Turkey, Indonesia, and Jordon.

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